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Meet Dr. D. Michael Clark, DDS 





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Are You Ready for Your Checkup?


If you’ve traveled the Lake Anna Parkway recently, you probably noticed the large new sign for Piedmont Dental at Lake Anna just past Sturgeon Creek Marina.  Dr. D. Michael Clark, DDS recently opened the doors of his new practice at Lake Anna. 


A native Virginian, Dr. Clark grew up in Richmond, has called Charlottesville home, and spent the last 8 years in the rural area of the Northern Neck of Virginia.  Currently living in Fredericksburg, Dr. Clark will be making Lake Anna his permanent home.  “I have been visiting Lake Anna for the past six years and fell in love with it like everyone else,” said Dr. Clark. “I enjoy spending time outside and on the water with my family,” he continued, adding that quality time on the lake is enjoyed with his wife Anna and their three children. In his spare time, Dr. Clark is usually engaged in a D-I-Y home improvement project, doing all of his own renovation work.


The new dental office also provides renovation of another kind.  The office will provide every aspect of dentistry, including everything from routine checkups to full reconstruction, including cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, root canals, and crowns.


The office is 100% digital with electronic charting, patient education, and digital X-rays, which allow for much lower doses of radiation versus conventional X-rays.  A full series of these digital X-rays exposes the patient to less radiation than a person is exposed to in a three-hour plane flight.


The experienced doctor will see patients of all ages.  “I see patients from the time a baby gets their first tooth,” Dr. Clark says this is the recommended time to make a first dental visit, “to patients aged 102 and older.”


A family atmosphere is priority at Piedmont Dental, Dr. Clark explains. “My role is to help people with their dental needs,” he says, “I treat everyone like they are family and I have a role to play in this community just like everyone else.”


“I make and keep every patient comfortable, involve them in their care through education and listening to their concerns to provide the best treatment options for each patient’s individual needs.”


Piedmont Dental is always accepting new patients and looks forward to meeting everyone at Lake Anna and surrounding areas.  Piedmont Dental at Lake Anna, 540-895-7330, 5205 Courthouse Road, Suite 201, Spotsylvania, VA 22551.




5205 Courthouse Rd.
Suite 201
Spotsylvania, VA 22551
(540) 895-7330